Offroad driving is fun....if you have the right driving skills.

Offroad driving training:
Offroad driving is so much different than driving in a normal car. Do you want to know the possibilities and limitations of your Landrover and avoid dangerous situations? If you have plans for an 4x4 holiday, then an offroad training is a good preparation. An investment which pays off. 

Team building
How to make a team from a group of individuals? Learn how to co-operate and depend on each other in circumstances which are way out of your comfort zone? Our outdoor team building events help to build a high performance team which delivers outstanding business results. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for teambuilding for groups of 5-15 people. More

Customer Events:
A performing team is more than a group of people. We organize customer events for up to 200 people to connect to employees, customers or potential customers. Offroad driving and outdoor activities can be an excellent way to reach your business goals. Contact us to explore possibilities which work out for you.  More

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