Orchestrating outsourced services which bring business results

Service integration & - delivery
Creating end-to-end service value chains means making the right choices. What should we continue to do ourselves, what can we outsource? How does the governance look like? How do we “make the model work” and let business, IT and external/internal service providers work together as one team?
We can help you by guide you through this process, accelerating your learning curve and prevent you from making the wrong choices.

Specific implementation services:

  • Customer organization

  • Service Integration

  • Service Delivery

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • Regie organization

  • CMM implementation

  • Process automation (ServiceNow, Topdesk.

  • Business Process Management

SIAM implementation
SIAM provides a common framework and introduces guidance and best-practices concerning the customer organization, service integration and service delivery.
Knowing and understanding the SIAM framework is one thing, implementing is another thing. Our job is “to make the model work” by e.g. designing and deploying processes, train & coach your teams, process automation, setting up SIAM governance with fact-based management information.

Specific implementation areas:

  • SIAM process & procedures design and implementation

  • Process automation & implementation (ServiceNow, Topdesk, Service Cloud)

  • Process simulation training

  • Agile implementation (both product owner and/or scrum master)

Agile Regie Academy
Any implementation start with a high-performing team with the right skills, attitude & behavior. We are specialized in developing exactly this through our in-house Regie Academy with an extensive set of high-impact learning experiences aimed at developing your team(s). Our experience trainers and coaches are flexible to adapt the right trainings to your needs and deliver them when teams or individuals need them. Participants can directly apply what they learned, thereby increasing the value of the training and ensuring a high return-on-investment.

  • Service Integration

  • A